Yousif Al Ghawas

“ I am a brand: Hear me roar

With over a decade's experience in branding and communications, Yousif Al Ghawas is an agile Brand Strategist who worked through the post-9/11 brand boom of the GCC, giving him a unique perspective of cross-cultural branding and the emerging Arabian identity.

Samia Costandi

The golden parachute and the fourth bottom line: Education

Dr Samia Costandi is Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at Ahlia University. She holds a PhD from McGill University in the area of philosophy of education and has over twenty five years of experience in teaching at university level. She is a mother of two sons, an accomplished writer, researcher, and a seasoned educator. She holds the Margaret Gillett Award, from the Centre for Teaching and Research on Women at McGill, as well as the Helen Prize for Women.


Reality: Without imagination it would be nothing

Haamed Fakhro

Hamed Fakhro is an inventor, businessman, and motivational speaker. He's also an undercover geek who loves Japanese anime, science, and is obsessed with physics and the creation of our universe.


Salah Mudara

Come fly with me | Aviation |

Salah Mudara has over 38 years experience in Aviation Technical, Engineering, Operations, Aviation Safety program development and Aircraft Accident Investigation. Graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer from UK, and attained his MBA in Aerospace Management from France. Currently he’s a board member of Middle East & North Africa Society of Air Safety Investigators (MENASASI)

The Unspoken truth of the image in art therapy: exploring further questions about the image in art therapy

Dalal AlSindi

Dalal Al Sindi, is a qualified art therapist and founder of the first Art Therapy practice in the Kingdom of Bahrain, (The Art Therapy Center). Dalal has trained in the UK and worked with Patients in Rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Presently, Dalal works with children and adults with psychological difficulties, special needs, emotional, cognitive and communication difficulties in The Art Therapy Center. 


Mohannad AlFardan

A healthy 8bn people in 33 days

Mohannad is leading a life aimed to fight for the right of good health for our generation and build the awareness of a "life worth living" and the respnsibility we have to take towards ourselves and the world health. 


How I changed from playing to working 14 hours a day

Ahmed Al Rawi

 A 19 year-old student who's on the path into becoming an entrepreneur and an inventor. Founder of the Selfie Station, electronics trainer, and deputy head of Science & Technology Centre in Youth City.